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24/7 Transport vehicle and machine monitoring using Wialon in Ukrainian PlasmaTec company

24/7 Transport vehicle and machine monitoring using Wialon

24/7 Transport vehicle and machine monitoring using Wialon in Ukrainian PlasmaTec company

The largest Ukrainian manufacturer of welding materials, PlasmaTec, uses Wialon to control the company’s hardware and transport vehicles. Gurtam partners from IT Spec have already applied real-time tracking and full-cycle fuel management relating to their system.


PlasmaTec Trans directors had to improve transport system.

IT Spec identified two distinct problems :

  • Drivers steal fuel at the in-house filling station and during parking
  • Driving behavior – employees violate speed limits, accelerate and brake roughly


At the first stage, the company tried online tracking feature and telematics data quality. Thus, PlasmaTec Trans connected 23 in-house units, that is, lift trucks, tractors, lorry cranes, shoveling machines, and service buses. Trained by IT Spec specialists, PlasmaTec Trans dispatchers were controlling the units.

After several months, the company chose to extend the project and connect transport trucks moving across Ukraine. IT Spec installed fuel level sensors to catch robberies during night parking. Both drivers and locals were stealing fuel there and selling it immediately. Hence, PlasmaTec Trans banned such parking and put dishonest drivers under continuous surveillance.

The third stage require the application of full-cycle fuel monitoring. IT Spec connected an in-house filling station to Wialon. Furthermore, they installed fuel meters and ID card readers sending information to Wialon.

IT Spec allocated ID cards to specific vehicles. When applied to the reader, the driver recognized himself and the vehicle as a complete unit in the monitoring system. Without it, no filling operations will happen.

As a result, the following data is used for full-cycle fuel monitoring :

  • Location
  • Fuel consumption by FLS
  • Refueller and fuel receiver
  • Fuel volume spent by fuel meters
  • Fuel volume filled by FLS

These data are displayed in “Fuel Traffic” report. It also shows the difference between the fuel spent by the filling station and received by the tank to uncover robberies during fillings.

Earlier, employees were driving in a responsible manner to keep fuel consumption below rates and drain saved fuel for sale. After implementing Wialon, PlasmaTec Trans started to minimize fuel cost, based on telematics data abandoning rates. After that, dispatchers noticed that similar vehicles in similar conditions begun spending fuel well above rates because of inappropriate driver behavior.

Rather than penalties, the company chose to apply a new inspirational scheme for the most careful drivers. And it worked! The aim to earn more was stronger, which influenced employees to perform successfully.


24/7 Transport vehicle and machine monitoring using Wialon

PlasmaTec Trans minimizes the price of fuel, based on telematics data. Because of more secure driving, fuel consumption is at a low rate for a year already.

The company fired dishonest drivers. There are no more fuel burglaries both on site and during parking. That reduces fuel costs to 15-20%.

Drivers are rewarded for safer driving. Through Wialon, PlasmaTec Trans is building a corporate culture of transparency and self-discipline.

Wialon paid for itself for five months.

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