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Advantages of using Startouch Speed Limiter for Car Rental Companies in Mauritius

Speed Limiter Car Rental Mauritius

Car Rental Agencies

Rental car agencies operate at various locations and through various business models. Seasoned travelers will finally learn how to manage all of them.

Rental car agencies constantly require a mechanism to have a security deposit in case of damage, fines or even failure to return a car.

If you cause damage to the car, the company will start their standard process for handling damaged vehicles. They will identify the damage, and you will have to fill in and sign an accident report form. If you do not attend the office at the time you return the car, they will contact you. Hence, they will advise you to fill in the form and return it to them.

Speed Limiter Devices

Speed Limiter is a device that helps to limit the top speed of a vehicle. This prevents the vehicle from exceeding the speed limit imposed by the Speed Limiter.

Thus, speed Limiters were developed to improve road safety. By controlling the speed of vehicles, it has helped to reduce accidents. It also cuts the amount of fuel used by a vehicle.

Reducing the speed of a vehicle will result in lower fuel consumption. Therefore, speed limiters helps reduce toxic emissions and the risk of collision and other speed related accidents. There is also the benefit of lower repair costs for engines, tires and brakes.

The advantages of using speed limiter for car rental companies in Mauritius

The advantages of using a speed limiter for car rental companies are listed below  :

  • It helps to reduce accidents
  • Also, it increase engine lifespan
  • A speed limiting device prevents irreparable loss of lives
  • It reduces the stress on the driver as well
  • Speed limiter allows more complete concentration on traffic
  • Reduction in wear and tear; savings on brakes and tires
  • Lower fuel consumption and repair costs
  • Longer vehicle-service life
  • Elimination of road traffic fines


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