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Control the misuse of tyres with Wialon

control the misuse of tires with Wialon

Every fleet manager is able to control the misuse of tyres with Wialon.

Companies that have large fleets cannot avoid management issues. Therefore, savings is important in transportation businesses. It starts with fuel monitoring, optimizing mileage, enhancing driving quality and eliminating unauthorized trips.

Tyres do not complete their term because of abuse. As such, outspent tires increase fuel consumption and accident rates. To prevent it, you have to control pressure and temperature. Upon basic deviations, you will see defective tires and take actions to decrease wear out and keep them usable.

Geoservice, from Russia, has a professional experience in working with tyre pressure and temperature sensors in Wialon Hosting. The company creates the data in unit tooltip and gives statistics on each tyre in reports. However, not everyone like this way of presenting information. Thus, a large-scale project with Tyreman Group asked to develop a special interface for a user-friendly data visualization.

A client and a project

Tyreman Group works in tyre lifesaving technologies and provides machinery in open casts and pits around Russia. To investigate tyre misuse conditions, they need to have telematics platform.  In order to see it, they asked for a specialized interface, created based on their orders.

The solution

The company arms the machinery with tyre pressure and temperature sensors by Pressure Pro. Wialon gets information from sensors through the screen in the driver’s cab. The monitors are used to control tyre condition in real time as well. And so, Wialon studies data and sends them to Tyres Admin interface for dispatchers. The solution consists of three tabs :


Here, the dispatcher sees tyre condition by units in real time. The information is shown in tables and graphically as axle arrangements. In both cases, the system marks issues in yellow and red. Besides, assets demanding dispatcher’s attention can be rearranged to the top of the table.

The system also informs the dispatcher on this tab, if there’s any connection loss. It also indicates if sensors send tyre pressure and temperature data.


Technical specialists look at the temperature of the tyres and pressure parameters for each wheel. Hence, they will perform a comparative analysis to prevent uncertain deviations.

When two tyres on a single axle show different pressure values, it continuously damages one of them. As time goes on, the driver can lose both tyres.

According to graphical axle arrangements, technical specialists can get data on coupled wheels, depending on other in percents.


control the misuse of tires with Wialon

The system shows two circle diagrams where user can see tyre condition over the whole fleet. The latter reveals the percentage of operative sensors.

The result

The company applied the solution on one of the open casts supported by Tyreman Group. Over the past six months, they obtained the following results :

  1. Up to 30% – increased the operation time of each tyre
  2. Up to 2-7% – decreased average fuel consumption
  3. Better maintainability index of damaged tyres
  4. Idling time because of tyre failures decreased
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