Ultimate GPS Tracking Solutions and IoT in Mauritius

Free Consultancy for GPS Tracking and Fleet-Vehicle Management in Mauritius

Free Consultancy for GPS Tracking and Fleet-Vehicle Management in Mauritius

Free Professional GPS Consulting Services and Fleet-Vehicle Management in Mauritius

Startouch free Consultancy for GPS Tracking and Fleet-Vehicle Management in Mauritius.

Do you need GPS parcel, fleet or vehicle tracking ? Startouch offers first-class, professional asset tracking solutions that consist of software customization and extensive developmental staff training as well. We also provide efficient and scalable GPS consulting solutions.

With dedication, our professional team is ready to become your partner in technology, marketing and research and development. Thus, we produce reliable results within a given time-frame.


We offer GPS tracking services that are flexible to a wide range of industries and businesses that use :

Pet tracking

GPS tracking for teen drivers

Law enforcement tracking

The goal after application of a GPS tracking system is to usually increase profits. Thus, Startouch helps you make such progress.

Personalized Success Program

We work with you after applying GPS system to make the use of your system efficient. And such, this helps you to get the necessary data based on your business needs. Together, we will help you create business goals through evaluation, using industry norms. And so, you will never feel like you are “alone” in this process.

Free Consultancy for GPS Tracking and Fleet-Vehicle Management in Mauritius

The Ideal Solution

We are always in search of ways to stay ahead of the technology curve at Startouch. We evaluate new products to test their real world workability, and probability of increasing profits. There is no “one size fits all” solution out there. And by allowing us to learn your business needs, we can find you the ideal solution.

How it Works

Today, with GPS technology, real time oversight of your entire fleet is available. Besides, you will see improvement in your driver’s driving behavior.

Our Approach

We are relationship driven – we empower your company and consider empathy essential to create strong productive teams. And so, we are accessible for any and all your questions. No need to deal with a different customer service representative. When you begin using our service and throughout the course of our relationship, you can rely on us to always be available.


Our Promise

We promise to continue to work with you after applying our product to make sure you achieve the highest possible ROI for your business. Through evaluation and goal setting, we help you use the GPS data to maximize your overall profit.


Our GPS consulting solutions consist of :

  • Custom asset management solutions and GPS tracking systems
  • Special warning rules
  • Customized reports and special features
  • Full integration with additional applications in your company
  • Custom hardware integration as well
  • Custom map data set integration
  • Including professional installation


The advantage of having a GPS tracking system is that it helps to increase overall profits. As such, this system will give you the necessary tools in order to change and improve your entire organization positively.

Free Consultancy for GPS Tracking and Fleet-Vehicle Management in Mauritius


You cannot measure it, you cannot control it. So, provide yourself with statistics on idle time, location history, vehicle speeds and time sheet verification. Like this, you are able to set goals that will increase profit and decrease waste.


When management and staff are aware that the company is having GPS tracking system, behavior tends to instantly improve. We gain employee’s approval when we offer them positive feedback. Hence, they agree that the system will support and make the company stable.

Free Consultancy for GPS Tracking and Fleet-Vehicle Management in Mauritius


You will have exact information to consider representatives responsible for their activities in the field. Responsibility also reaches out to management, based on how they react to the data and the changes they are now able to apply.

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