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Icon Library

Get quick access to new icons

We expect Startouch users to feel like home after logging in the system. Hence, what we offer is customizable interface, reports along with notifications and… icons. And so, Icon Library application allows top accounts to upload custom icons for units, unit groups and geofences as well.

As a result, you get quick access to new icons from the system or right from the app.

Load your own image

On the Icon tab of the Unit Properties dialog you can select or load any image to display your unit on the map and on different lists.

There is a number of standard icons. In order to upload an image from computer, push the Icon Library button and select one. Alternatively, you can load your own image. Push Browse, then select an image on your computer and press OK. Supported formats are PNG, JPG and GIF and SVG.

Recommended image size is 32×32 pixels.

icon library - startouch

Depending on course, we can rotate unit icon to show direction of movement. For this, choose Rotate icon. Rotated icon should face North, otherwise, it may confuse you. You can find some images suitable for rotation in the Icon Library.

The button Reset to default allows returning the default icon in case it of changes. Default icon may be useful sometimes. If a unit has a default icon, and a unit group where it belongs has a non-default icon, then unit acquires the icon of this unit group.

Note that in this case a group icon will not be rotated even if the corresponding flag is chosen.

In order to upload individual icons for units, unit groups, and POIs you can use the Icon Library application (for top accounts only). Icons uploaded to the system using this application will be available for you in the standard icon library.

To facilitate the work with the library, the uploaded icons are placed in the same list, but separately from the standard ones (at the top).

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