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iDriveSafe (safety comes first!) allows to track the way the driver deals with his vehicle. It helps not only to extend the car’s life, but to ensure goods safety.

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Some say that the engine is a heart of a vehicle, while the driver keeps the heart beating. Driving style is what mostly impacts safety and needs to be strictly controlled.

Thus, iDriveSafe allows for driver behavior assessment based on three main recorded parameters: harsh braking, hard acceleration and sharp turn.

The app leaves a margin for the manager setting up assessment strictness and creating assessment model based on vehicle type.

What is iDriveSafe, and how does it work?

Well, the App records three main parameters:

  • sudden acceleration
  • sharp turn
  • and hard braking

How does it happen?

It takes two neighboring messages with coordinates, received from GPS tracker. Also, it compares the distance covered during this period and how the car speed changed. Let’s say that the speed accelerated for 50 km/h, for example, during 2 seconds. Accordingly, we can draw a conclusion that the driver speeded up too fast. So, this is supposed to be a simplified example of system operation.

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The same method is used to define hard braking and sharp turns. According to the received data, the complete picture of the trip is built, and the driver gets his «mark».

What does this mark consist of? 

Three types of parameters actually matter:

  • violations for a unit of time (for example, number of violations per hour)
  • violations for a unit of distance (kilometers passed)
  • and the number of violations in ratio to the number of recorded maneuvers

As such, all these parameters taken together form the final score.

A special table shows all the maneuvers with violations in a brief explanatory information. By the way, you can personally set the evaluation criteria. Choose the mode, strictly fixing all the violations, or the one, which turns a blind eye to less serious driver’s faults. While setting the «loyalty» mode, you change response level to different violations. Also, you can choose the type of the vehicle (car, lorry or minibus) that is also important while evaluating the violations and calculating the general mark for the trip quality. Thus, depending on the vehicle type, iDriveSafe identifies whether this maneuver was possibly dangerous and could run smoothly. Sometimes, the moves which seem normal while driving a car, are often unsuitable for driving a loaded truck or a minibus full of passengers.

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Advantages of iDrivesafe

One of the main advantages of the application is that it is flexible. IDriveSafe finely goes with any type of GPS/GLONASS tracking hardware, installed in your car. And it is very beneficial as Wialon supports more than 550 types of GPS tracking equipment.

The app has rather strict requirements to its quality and good configuration.  However, the reason is quite simple. If the tracker has problems to determine accurate position, or sends the messages too rarely, iDriveSafe will be unable to conduct qualitative analytical analysis of driver’s behavior and fix all the violations.

In order to launch iDriveSafe, Wialon Hosting and Wialon Kit users can open it right from Toolz or from the Apps tabDue to this app, n it is possible to learn the quality of trips, performed by more than 200 000 vehicles, registered in Wialon Hosting.

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