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Serbia – using WiaTag together with Wialon to solve elevator problem

Serbia - using WiaTag together with Wialon to solve elevator problem

Serbia elevator service company uses WiaTag together with Wialon to solve elevator problem

An unwanted experience may happen sometimes –  being trapped in an elevator. With the help of WiaTag app together with Wialon, a big elevator service company from Serbia solved this stressful experience in one click.

The problem

The company had to improve their working processes. Before they implement the solution, they couldn’t react to emergency calls immediately and plan the most time and cost saving routes of the workers. They didn’t know exactly where their field workers were and which of them was the nearest to the site. Besides, it took long to fix the elevator since it was often hard to identify instantly what was wrong.




Thus, partner, Almaks Security Systems, proposed the following solution to solve all these issues. It helped to :

  • control the location of their field workers and optimize their route
  • take photos at the accident site, send those to managers and request spare parts
  • quickly react to emergency calls especially when a child is stuck in an elevator

The solution

According to Almaks, WiaTag application together with Wialon, is the best option for the client. It transforms a smartphone into a GPS tracker and helps to manage mobile workforce efficiently.

The benefit of this solution was that it doesn’t demand any extra equipment. A smartphone with a built-in GPS receiver and Wialon account are just enough. It allows the client to largely cut down their expenses as they don’t have to buy personal trackers. Hence, they get a connected team for less than an hour and at no cost.

Things is easier as the customer has the contract with the local communications provider. Based on the conditions of their contract, they get smartphones for free. They only have to pay monthly for their connectivity. Essentially, it means they get hardware for free.

Each worker gets one of those smartphones with WiaTag app in it. Now the dispatcher controls where they are and how much time it takes them to get to the accident site. Via this data analysis, the management works out the most time- and cost-saving routes.

When the company gets an emergency call, people’s safety comes first. It is the company’s reputation to deal with the situation without delay. And it is easier when a dispatcher sees all the available field workers and chooses the nearest one to send to rescue.

Benefits of WiaTag

Serbia - using WiaTag together with Wialon to solve elevator problem

What is more important, WiaTag has the option for sending pictures. It is helpful when the dispatcher sees what spare part needs to be changed and doesn’t try to understand it from what the worker says.

Whenever the worker cannot identify the problem, they can take a photo of the wire scheme and send it straight away too. Then the dispatcher discusses with other workers and provides the solution. It saves time and at last money when it comes to how long the elevator would not work.

The results

The specialists of Almaks Security Systems applied the solution about a year ago. Over this time, they tried and tested it and now it works very well.

By using WiaTag, the customer controls 70 field workers and many elevators. The company is so satisfied with the process optimization they got. They save time, money, and improve their reputation. It helps to win new contracts and receive extra profit. Other than that, it appeared that each device just uses 500 Mb-1GB of mobile data per month. This is quite a saving as well!

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