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Simple by Startouch

Simple App - Startouch GPS solutions Mauritius

Simple project by Startouch with authorization

“Simple” is available for you to create your own applications by means of an easy and handy app from Startouch.

So, use this project to develop your own Wialon App. This is WEB application based on Apps from Gurtam.

Gurtam is an international developer of Wialon, the GPS tracking and fleet management system. For 15 years, Wialon is available in the national markets of more than 130 countries with 1,700,000+ units being tracked worldwide.

Wialon Apps are one-page web-applications that work in a browser like common sites. Create your own application for Wialon from the ground up with Simple.

However, Startouch provides you with “Simple” templates to enhance your own development tools. As such, you let your customers enjoy the simplicity of new apps in no time !

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