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The Solution for Maintenance Control : Fleetrun

Startouch (Mauritius) - The Solution for Maintenance Control

Fleetrun, the solution for maintenance control, the new solution that helps to plan and control the maintenance process and expenditure recording.

Normally, Fleetrun is available for those who want to reduce fleet operation costs.

Besides, it also reduces the time spent at the service station as well as avoiding critical breakdowns.

Solution for Management

We included the longest process in Fleetrun to plan the entire process, keep expenditure record, and manage maintenance intervals. Well, that are the new options you, as an integrator, can offer the fleet owner.


maintenance - fleetrun - beta

It allows to have a quick look at the fleet in terms of maintenance :

The number of vehicles that operate and those idling at the service station. The former makes the profit while the latter pump out the money.

Due, in progress, and overdue services. Plan your work taking into consideration how many vehicles will be unavailable in the short run. Also consider the risk of critical breakdowns in the vehicles that missed any repair or maintenance.

Fleet maintenance cost. View it in progress and consider mileage or engine hours. Is there any correlation? Or vehicles get broken not even leaving the fleet yard?

The data is also accessible in the unit list and upon each unit in the fleet. It means you can enhance the fleet efficiency without getting into details. At least, the general picture will show when you should take action:

  • To get more people to complete the repair and have the functioning vehicles faster.
  • Start controlling the driving style to slow down the wear out.
  • Find time to carry out dozens of overdue services.

The unit advanced information :

Besides the list of units with mileage, engine hours, and service information :

  • The “Cost per 1 km” parameter will show the most expensive vehicles in terms of maintenance.
  • Also, the location on the map will show if the unit is actually at the right service station.
  • Unit profile will display the vehicle detailed description when you work with the unit’s list.
Fleetrun - maintenance control - unit


By default, service is a set of works on vehicle maintenance. Looking through the Service assigned to a Fleetrun unit, the fleet manager sees what to do, when and what spare parts to use.

Also, the fleet manager sees how much it costs and what is the expected result. When the Service is assigned to the unit, this set of works is registered in the system.

fleetrun - services - maintenance control


It is the template for the group of service works. Therefore, it has to be registered for one or several vehicles at certain time periods. The goal is to automatically create the Service.

It is to inform the fleet manager about it as well. The fleet manager sends the vehicle to the service station and controls the process.

fleetrun - intervals

about repair and maintenance costs

  • Spare parts and services cost money.
  • Save all expenditures in the “Library” to use later at services and intervals creation.
  • You can also edit them and create new ones based on the already existing ones.


In Fleetrun, we offer preset reports without any unneeded information. We kept the parameters attributed to maintenance only. For example, archived services, the correlation of closed, rejected, and overdue services, their total cost, etc.

Just one click and they are exported into the Excel file. With Fleetrun, you know how much you spend on maintenance and can make up a plan on how to spend less.

fleetrun report - startouch
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