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Why our GPS hardware is the best in Mauritius ?

GPS Tracking Software Mauritius

Why choose Startouch-Wialon Hardware for GPS Tracking in Mauritius ?

Our GPS Hardware is the best in Mauritius and worldwide.

Over 130 countries have been using Wialon GPS Fleet Tracking & Management solutions for more than 15 years.

Beyond 1000 fleet tracking service providers have chosen Wialon while recognizing our favorable business terms. So, we never put our customers into long-term contract. Also, we offer flexible and yet powerful fleet management features as well as 24/7 high-quality technical support.

Wialon is compatible with a number of automobile controllers and software GPS trackers.

Startouch wishes to cooperate with GPS hardware providers, which allows to constantly integrate new devices with Wialon.

The approach guarantees tracking system flexibility. Therefore, this makes it accessible for any client, whatever tracking devices the company uses.


It is durable.

Besides, a free mobile client of our GPS fleet tracking system is accessible for devices running on Android and iOS.

The core functions of the system are available in the application, allowing you to get all the necessary data. We can obtain data on units in multilingual. This is available for both Wialon Hosting SaaS-solution and Wialon Local server-based product.  It also allows to manage monitoring unit list, providing immediate insight into activity of assets in a real-time mode.

Wialon vehicle tracking system is universal. It is actually integrated with more than 1500 models of GPS tracking devices. It includes personal GPS trackers, automobile controllers and software-based “trackers” installed as mobile apps on smartphones. Additionally, Wialon is able to process data, received from after-market sensors (weight, humidity, light, temperature and others), cameras, tachograph and other supplementary GPS hardware, connected to GPS tracking devices.

Besides, we can adjust Wialon to the unique needs of each client. A broad range of the equipment integrated to work with the platform allows us to rapidly solve our customers’ tasks.

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