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Startouch GPS services Mauritius

WiaChat is a Wialon-based messenger for transportation companies. Also, the service ensures quick and cost-saving driver-dispatcher communication. It has options to exchange files, photos, and coordinates. Therefore, we designed a web-version for dispatchers to works in conjunction with WiaChat mobile app for drivers.

However, WiaChat service allows to reduce costs on communications services by implementing the new mobile data saving mechanism. That makes WiaChat a more beneficial solution compared to roaming calls, SMS and popular apps alike. Moreover, the service promotes secure data communication and storage on Wialon server.

The service for rapid, reliable and cost-effective communication between fleet managers and drivers on route.

The use of GPS tracking in transportation reduces the practice of constant calls to drivers a lot. And so, being capable to track vehicles online, the dispatcher sees the actual picture of how things go.

Basically, certain situations require an emergency response – deviations from the route and missed an unloading point. Other situations include reported loss, damage of cargo or some problems with customs. So, when things like these happen, you want to contact the driver as soon as possible.

Calls and SMS are surely a way out but when operating by phone, it may cost you a lot of money.

The new WiaChat service by Startouch, developed for carriers operating internationally, is an effective tool for fast and inexpensive communication with drivers.

The chat for fast communication

WiaChat allows the dispatcher to interact with the driver quickly. As such, he can send messages via GPRS and SMS, attach files, electronic documents or pictures and determine exact locations.

Normally, WiaChat service is delivered in a mobile app for drivers version and a web version for dispatchers. Thus, we consider every small thing to make the communication between drivers and managers convenient and productive.

Web version

GPS Services in Mauritius

Where dispatchers benefit:

  • send messages to operators on the route
  • attach electronic documents and files to text
  • receive pictures of cargo condition, road situation as well as border crossing process
  • also share coordinates of the loading/unloading points
  • and store messages history

Mobile app

Startouch GPS services Mauritius

Where drivers benefit:

  • deliver messages and pictures to a dispatcher
  • share your coordinates in one click
  • also, send SMS if the Internet connection is unavailable
  • prevent mobile data misuse due to a private communication channel with our servers
  • enjoy a user-friendly and ad-free mobile interface as well
  • switch to night mode for better data perception in the dark.
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