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Wialon and BusOkay for Indian Students

Wialon and BusOkay project for Indian students

India’s partner of Gurtam, Alba Smart, has been introducing security systems in private and governmental institutions for 30 years. While working with schools, the company observed how buses transported students and was totally disappointed with the circumstance. As an integrator and developer, the Alba Smart decided to improve the situation. This is how BusOkay showed up.


Wialon and BusOkay

Indian schools do not own buses to transport students. This is why such vehicles work only half a day and are inactive during the holidays. Unfortunately, the administration does not want to pay for it. In this way, they hire contractors its very own concept of value, and for years the situation is aggravating.

Due to traffic congestion, school buses are often late and parents are worried in absence of any real time information. To guarantee wellbeing and security of School youngsters, Indian government has issued a few rules. But while transport operators do not have standard operating practices, school authorities find it difficult to adhere to and manage transport operations.

Alba Smart began going to schools to examine the issue in more detail. Based on the data, they created BusOkay arrangement and coordinated it with Wialon.

Solution : the hardware part

Alba Smart approaches each carrier separately. If the buses already contain GPS trackers, the company connects those to Wialon. Whenever new devices are needed, Alba Smart let the vehicle owner decide. The only criteria are similarity with Wialon which, so far, all trackers have met this condition. The rest depends on the additional equipment. In other words, if you need to connect MDVRs or RFID readers, choose a tracker with the matching functionality.

Wialon and BusOkay integration

Wialon begins the monitoring data. The system receives information from trackers and additional equipment, processes it, and sends to BusOkay via API. It is usually data on movements, driving quality, RFID-tags and video. BusOkay becomes a basis for route planning, building and optimization.

BusOkay profile

The solution comprises of three components :

  • a web application for school administration
  • mobile apps for drivers
  • including mobile apps for parents

Campus Admin App for transport management and tracking

The web app is the control center for school administration. Here, the dispatcher sees everything he needs to manage logistics in an educational institution :

  1. Currently available buses and drivers
  2. Active routes and schedules as well
  3. Children to pick up and parents to be notified about it

How it works with Wialon

Wialon and BusOkay

Alba Smart connected 100 buses that only send data on locations, movements, and driving quality. With the help of NimBus, dispatchers create routes and schedules that later are exported in the web application. As such, school administration will see the area distribution of the buses and route performance in real time. And so, they will be aware of the driver’s driving style and get notifications on events.

350 buses have 3 cameras each :

  1. Above the front doors : controls pick-ups and drop-offs
  2. Facing the driver : tracks driver performance
  3. In the interior : watches children during transportation

MDVR transmits video to BusOkay through Wialon and records it to the hard drive for further storage on the server.

The app notifies parents of children movements and emergency situations – whenever they change the route and schedule or delay the bus.

Mobile app for parents

As soon as we register the child in the system, the parents receive a registration link and one-time password (OTP). They are registered in conjunction with their child. This is how the app learns what bus to show in their app and what messages need to be delivered to the parents.

Alba Smart equipped 150 buses with RFID readers to identify which students boarded the bus and notify parents in a mobile application.

It works like this :

  1. a student applies a name tag
  2. information is transmitted to Wialon and interpreted
  3. Wialon sends the data to BusOkay
  4. BusOkay sends the message “Boarded” to parents

If there is no RFID reader in the bus, the driver can read high frequency tags via enabled NFC feature. Likewise, he can manually registers the child boarding or de-boarding the school bus.

As soon as the child gets on the bus, you can track his movement online. You can see bus the bus movement in real time due to NimBus API as well as the route on the map. That way, you may “intercept” the child. Here, parents also receive notifications if a bus is approaching or arriving at the point.

Driver assistance app

When the driver gets behind the wheel, the application notifies him which route to drive. Also, he gets notification on the children to pick up and the addresses to follow. Here, he manually enrolls students if the school gives up RFID solutions. Besides, this happens if the school registers the end of the trip and sends SOS messages to the school dispatcher.


BusOkay is strongly winning Indian schools and increasing traffic safety.

20 schools adopted the solution to manage 450 buses around India.

3500 parents track their children through BusOkay app.

The specialized solution has Wialon and several school ERP systems.

Each component of BusOkay is a notification center, a database, and a monitoring tool. And any country can use this solution, not only for school bus management. Alba Smart developed the software for any transport that follows a fixed route.

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