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Backup Viewer

backup viewer - startouch backup

Secure backup files from becoming “dead” due to limited storage period in the system with a backup viewer.

The app also allows you to picture the latter on the map as well as to review message data upon pointing on a track.

Enjoy minimalistic and user-friendly interface, ample filtering opportunities and customizable tables to work faster.

Backup Viewer is designed to view messages, as well as object’s tracks that are uploaded from WLB and WLN files (including ZIP archives).



Need a chance for the archive messages analysis ? Use Backup Viewer.

Startouch - Backup Viewer
Startouch - Back up

For the overall success of your business, it is important to have a data backup and recovery plan. Your business can suffer from permanent data loss, massive downtime, and unnecessary expenses without a plan.

One thing is certain when you lose data : downtime. As such, your restoration efforts will become rebuilding efforts if you don’t have a recovery solution. And so, you will have to start from scratch to recreate whatever was lost.

track - backup viewer startouch

Startouch Wialon will automatically delete old messages from units over time which Wialon users are aware of.

That’s why we recommend clients to ‘’backup’’ messages into files or archives with the option to view the files in the future.

However, it happens that we cannot see the saved file due to limited storage. In that case, the company gets a “dead” file, making all the backup operations useless.

That’s the reason why we released new Backup Viewer application to view archive messages and unit tracks.

To view message history, it is necessary to import standard or archived.wln file to the app.

After uploading a file, unit track and messages table appear.

filter - backup viewer startouch

Backup Viewer interface is simple and user-friendly. After pointing on a track, a tooltip containing data on speed, time and address for the point appears.

The following columns are available in messages table:


  • Time
  • Coordinates
  • Speed
  • Altitude
  • Parameters

If necessary, disable any irrelevant columns.

The app is useful for those companies who need to store data over a long period. Also, it provides evidence of violations or driver incompliance regardless of terms of limitations.

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