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Dashboard is an application developed to monitor the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of your vehicles.

Therefore, Dashboard helps to visualize the key performance indicators and customize them in the most efficient way.

Monitor average and maximum speed, mileage, fuel consumption as well as engine hours and time in trips. Also, enjoy handy data visualization and customizable charts and make use of comparative analysis of any chosen parameters.

Hence, with Dashboard, you see the whole picture of fleet performance within a customizable work area.

Dashboard – Key Performance Indicators

Dashboard provides at-a-glance views of KPIs (key performance indicators), relevant to a particular objective or business process. Startouch’s multifunctional telematics solution is capable to extend far beyond simple GPS vehicle tracking. In our case, Dashboard is an effective Apps. It provides an overview of fleet KPIs interface which is easy to read real-time. Besides, dashboard allows instantaneous and informed decisions to be made immediately. KPIs include Mileage, Fuel consumption, Engine hours, Average and Maximum speed, Idling, Time in trips and visited Geofences. So, you can build all the necessary diagrams by units or unit groups. You can make any diagram you want, for example, mileage diagram for days, weeks, or just for one day. Also, it’s possible to choose the diagram type you like: line, column or pie chart.

As such, it is a perfect tool for business data analysis and visualization. Fleet performance analysis is based on data from indicators such as mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours, average and maximum speed, idling, geofences, driving time.

However, through this app, it is possible

  • either to receive charts on the basis of any chosen parameter
  • or carry out comparative analysis on the basis of two parameters

You may choose chart template: linear, circular or bar charts. The charts have flexible settings, for instance, fuel consumption for several weeks or just for today. Besides, you can build all the diagrams.

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