Ultimate GPS Tracking Solutions and IoT in Mauritius

Driving Behavior

Tacho View

Get the insight into driver performance with Tacho View by Startouch. Tacho View app’s task, in Wialon System, is to perform the handling of DDD-files. Thus, the app allows driver activity visualization on the basis of so-called “timeline.” Also, Tacho View demonstrates driving, work as well as rest.  Well, it […]

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Tacho Manager

Tacho Manager can upload manual or automatic (command-triggered) DDD-files to Wialon server. Therefore, their long-time storage has the option to quickly download files right from the app. Handy data visualization allows for simple monitoring of driver activity. Well, this is because precise driver information is available. Thus, you can use […]

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Startouch Driving Logbook

Startouch Driving Logbook is a handy tool which allows requesting a special tax report for trips. This report defines the beginning and the end of the trip. It contains the type (work/personal trip), initial and final position, duration, mileage data, etc. Startouch Driving Logbook comes into place whenever employees do not […]

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Eco Driving

Eco Driving is an application that allows to receive driving quality assessment. The assessment is made on the basis of penalties received for speedings, unreasonable accelerations / brakings / accelerations while cornering. Also, it can detect reckless driving, and other violations on the basis of created sensors. The analysis of […]

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