Ultimate GPS Tracking Solutions and IoT in Mauritius

Fleet and Asset Tracking


Fleetrun by Startouch, allows fleet planning, controlling as well as managing costs for maintenance. Hence, it was developed for those eager to cut business expenses along with general expenses. Else, the app is also used to avoid critical breakdowns and minimize time spent at service stations. As a result, fleetrun […]

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One Wialon

One Wialon app represents basic user interface created on the basis of Wialon Kit tools. Try Startouch One Wialon now. So, take your chance to achieve more than expected with the simple interface, free of odd elements. Fundamental features should be available for those enjoying clear-cut tracking. Startouch One Wialon […]

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Startouch Maps

We, implemented a proprietary GIS service and we offered excellent address database as well. Hence, we aimed to access more search of route points and further route building. Through this way, we incorporated the functions into Startouch Maps application. A Geographic Information System ( GIS ) is an information system […]

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Backup Viewer

Secure backup files from becoming “dead” due to limited storage period in the system with a backup viewer. The app also allows you to picture the latter on the map as well as to review message data upon pointing on a track. Enjoy minimalistic and user-friendly interface, ample filtering opportunities […]

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