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Logistics is a universal program designed to control all stages of delivery and field services operations. As such, it is able to perform a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and delivery. And so, it includes transportation arrangements, transport processes optimization and cost saving.

Logistics consists of two applications : a web app and a mobile app.

Web Version

An operator will use the web application. It contributes to manage working processes such as orders creation and distribution between units, routes planning and optimization. Also, it monitors as well as it coordinates orders delivery.
Thus, web-version ensures effective operating procedures management. This consists of order placement, planning and distribution, Google Maps-based routing, delivery process monitoring and coordination. Therefore, logistics mobile app is designed for delivery men and mobile employees.

Mobile Version

On the other hand, couriers use the mobile application. It is available on both smartphones and tablets ( Android, iOS ). The mobile part is developed to inform a courier on job details : orders attached including their sequence and optimized delivery routes.
Moreover, using the mobile application, a courier notifies an operator on a progress of orders delivery ( confirmation / rejection ). And so, he leaves comments regarding it, attaches photos and uses chat to communicate with an operator.


The new order management solution by Startouch

Businesses all over the world strive for process automation. And for those awaiting, Startouch brought up Logistics.
There are two separate applications for both drivers as well as dispatchers.

As such, they allow to maintain control over the whole order management process.

They also include order placement along with planning, distribution, route optimization and also coordination.

Always keep your route at hand while using GIS data from Google Maps for more precise address information as well as routing.

Hence, make use of reports for efficient analytics, and communicate with clients by e-mail notifications with built-in HTML editor.



Single service for the office and the field

Unite dispatchers and mobile employees with a universal service to control all stages of delivery and also field services operations as well.

Web-version for dispatchers

startouch-mobile app for drivers

Mobile app for drivers

Performing a wide range of tasks in the area of logistics and distribution

  • It is cost saving
  • Also, it includes transportation arrangements
  • Transport processes optimization

Web-version : an easier way to manage delivery process – 4 stages of order management

Add Orders

Distribute Orders

Monitor a Delivery

Generate Reports


order placement

Core Fields

  • Name and cost
  • Address, time interval and radius
  • Client information
    (name, phone number and e-mail)
  • Characteristics and product description
  • Unloading time

Maximum precise order description

Option to attach and view files

Search and filtration by the core fields

Import of orders in Wialon Logistics ; 99+1 orders in one click

Import option

This is for the companies using third-party accounting systems for order list generation.

Simple importing

  1. Relevant data reading from .csv files
  2. Preliminary order distribution analysis
  3. And saving order list

Route planning – 3 steps

order selection

amble pre-setting capabilities

effective allocation of resources

vehicle type selection based on order characteristics

Automatic Order Distribution

Criteria :

  1. Routing (minimum time and distance)
  2. Delivery interval
  3. Unloading time
  4. Effective and carrying capacity
  5. Weight and volume of goods as well

Result :

  1. Preliminary routes
  2. Estimated delivery time
  3. Including estimated mileage
  4. Route adjustment option (delete order, allocate it to another route, change order sequence, etc.)

route control

  • allows effective communication “dispatcher-driver-client”
  • Precise order information to avoid misdirected orders
  • Preliminary analysis of key performance indicators as well
  • Plus, option to view files attached to the order anytime besides anyplace
  • Import capabilities for the companies utilizing third-party accounting systems for order list generation
  • Also time and cost-saving due to relevant fleet allocation between delivery areas bound to warehouses
  • Default characteristics for new orders
  • Automatic order distribution based on relevant criteria
  • Besides, it includes option to adjust preliminary route
  • Therefore, it is time saving for the office and the field due to automatic route sheet creation
  • Comprehensive analysis of mobile employee performance characteristics based on order reports
  • And chat with a driver and option to send photos

key benefits

Wialon logistics : Mobile version for delivery men and other mobile employees


  1. Create a driver in Wialon system and bind him to a unit
  2. Then enter number to start authorization procedure
  3. Afterwards, check driver binding to a unit


  1. Notify dispatchers of confirmed deliveries or rejected orders
  2. Send photos and comments concerning delivery process as well
  3. And deal with clients on the phone

Enjoy quick access to order information and visualization on map.

Also, get relevant information on your whereabouts, distance to order and delivery progress as well.

Key benefits

  • Tablet version to simultaneously view orders table and mapping
  • iOS and Android versions
  • Quick connection with clients and dispatchers
  • Single vehicle or the whole route visualization
  • Multiple map layers and photo quality selection
  • Also, option to turn your mobile device into a personal GPS tracker
  • Option to review orders for the specified period and switch between routes
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