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Startouch Nimbus Mauritiuss

Nimbus Information

Startouch Nimbus is a new solution for fleet managers, designed to control movements of vehicles on route in the area of passenger transportation in Mauritius.

Moreover, the service allows route planning and performance control along with a proper distribution of vehicles between rounds besides scheduling control.

Likewise, NimBus also ensures efficient real-time monitoring and detailed reports on fleet activity.

Furthermore, this app enables to remove or minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment which also improves efficiency along with productivity.

In addition, Nimbus also helps to reduce overall transportation and staff costs to control fleet management.

Therefore, users are able to see real time locations of their fleet on a map. Basically, this is often used to quickly respond to events in the field.

Fleet management can include a range of functions :

  • such as vehicle financing
  • also vehicle maintenance
  • vehicle telematics (tracking along with diagnostics)
  • including driver management
  • speed management
  • fuel management and health and also safety management as well
Startouch Nimbus Mauritius

Use the service to create stops, improve and distribute vehicles between routes.
Hence, it also to manage schedules and track route performance in real time.
As such, NimBus features intuitive navigation and user-friendly interface as well as handy timeline.

It also includes :

  1. red event-based notifications for online tracking
  2. special ACL system
  3. the proprietary API for third-party software integration and custom developments

How Startouch Nimbus works in Mauritius

Startouch Nimbus Mauritius

Add or import stops

Create routes, add schedules and bind units

Plan future rides

Track unit movements in real time

Generate detailed reports

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