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One Wialon

Startouch - One Wialon - GPS Monitoring Mauritius

One Wialon app represents basic user interface created on the basis of Wialon Kit tools.

Try Startouch One Wialon now.

So, take your chance to achieve more than expected with the simple interface, free of odd elements.

Fundamental features should be available for those enjoying clear-cut tracking.

Startouch One Wialon application also brings the list of monitoring units and their locations on the map directly to your fingertips.

Information on speed, date and time of the last message is also available.

one wialon – gps system

Military applications and emergency crews make use of GPS systems to locate people in need of assistance.

So, GPS tracking find its application in tracking the position of vehicles, persons and etc.

In Fleet tracking and management, we use GPS as well as in other assets.

Today’s Uses :

  • There are a lot of uses of the GPS system today.
  • GPS is a great way to track and find anything.
  • And so, it has the ability to communicate within seconds with an unmatched precision compared to any other app.
  • Besides, it is also simple to use and inexpensive in many cases as well.

GPS is a system that is useful and convenient.
This is because it allows for many uses and it has a real fit within the world.
You’ll find it in all sorts of unique products.

How They Work

Each of the satellites that work in the GPS network will send signals to the transmitters down on Earth.

In fact, they travel at the speed of light.

Therefore, by knowing the length of time that it takes for the signal to reach the receiver, we get precise measurements. In other words, the longer it takes to receive signals from the GPS satellite, the farthest the satellite is from the earth at this particular moment.

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