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ReadyMix App

ReadyMix Tracking App Mauritius
ReadyMix App

With ReadyMix App, eliminate once and for all any concrete theft with real time tracking of the production and delivery. Also, find out in an easy and fast way where your customers are through heat map. Thus, it enables you to see the details of all your deliveries.

How ReadyMix App works !

ReadyMix App – What is the core system ?

It’s a system brain, since it works with Artificial Intelligence algorithms, machine learning and bigdata analysis. Therefore the core system helps to discover all about delivery in real time.

  • Automatic detection of delivery steps
  • As well as automatic detection of concrete theft
  • Also automatic detection of customer location
  • And automatic detection of stop points outside customer

Know the tool that will revolutionize your logistic concrete control

Real time tracking of the production and delivery

You can check any time the information about each cycle with all indicators and delivery steps

ReadyMix App


To reduce operational costs and to increase productivity by detecting:
– Inconsistent deliveries

– Off-site stops

– Concrete deviations

– Discharge in wrong places

– Excessive travel between plants

– Increase in-house competitiveness

ReadyMix Tracking App Mauritius
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