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Startouch Chatterbox is a suitable and simple chat, allowing dispatchers to communicate with drivers and send various commands to the unit.

When it comes to delivery and logistics, we should not underestimate communication between the office and the field. Startouch Chatterbox is designed to make mobile employees closer to the office by means of smooth text communication.

The app goes beyond text communication with a driver. With Chatterbox you can control vehicles by sending commands and share addresses, exchange images, photos, routes and coordinates. Also, you get quick access to messages history anytime as well.

Chatterbox application allows you not only to communicate with the driver, but also to control the vehicle by sending commands. Chatterbox allows communication between the dispatcher and the monitoring unit via Internet (TCP-, UDP-connection) or SMS.

Dispatchers can send either any address on the map or addresses of already existing geofences and POIs to drivers. Moreover Chatterbox allows to exchange images and photos, routes and coordinates. The app stores the messages history, so at any moment you can find messages by choosing necessary time intervals.

Chatterbox – new messenger by Startouch

WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, QIP… the list to be continued. The number of electronic devices per capita is steadily growing together with the number of messengers that substitute face-to-face, alive contacts and make us move the fingers faster and faster, typing a new text. Sometimes it’s much faster and more effective to text, than to call or transfer the necessary information in person. Office life and communication with colleagues would slow down by 90 % without skype or any other similar means of communication.

Today, it is possible to enlarge the range of popular messengers due to chatterbox.

what can Startouch Chatterbox do?

Well, it is almost the same as a usual messenger. Messages can be send by Internet or as simple SMS. For example, you can send the address, using already geofences, POI or any other address that exist on the map. Also you can exchange images, coordinates, share routes, etc.


Therefore, Chatterbox messenger is absolutely user-friendly. Just try, use and enjoy it. As usual, the App is completely free and already available. And you can launch it from Toolz right now.

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