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Consultancy Services in Mauritius ( Startouch )

Startouch Mauritius Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services in Mauritius

As the number of requirements is increasingly divergent to meet that of customers, no manufacturer can supply all products to meet such a diverse product offering. So since every customer’s needs differ from each other, Startouch offer consultancy services in Mauritius and provide you with apt solutions to your problems.


Running a company is not a child’s play, especially when dealing with the responsibility of managing a fleet of vehicles.

Without knowing the accurate location of each and every vehicle in the fleet, you will have no choice other than to resort to a lot of guesswork. And, this is certainly not a good thing as you have deadlines to meet and promises to keep.

Do you want to reduce operational costs and improve the productivity of your business ? Startouch provides consultancy services in and around Mauritius. A GPS tracking system is could be what you need to get the ball rolling.


GPS technology is an endless source for innovation transforming the many ways businesses are modernizing.

GPS helps businesses save on costs, become more efficient and improve their services. This is particularly evident on its impact on the logistics businesses and in fleet management.

In fact, GPS technology is a core part of infrastructure in transportation and communications. It is part of the very foundations of what makes the digital economy work. As more businesses become digitized, more processes will involve the need to process geo location data. We shall see an ever increasing use of GPS technology.

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