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Fuel Monitoring System

GPS Mauritius Fuel Monitoring System

Know when, where and how much of your fuel was stolen using several methods and take immediate action as well through a monitoring system.

Startouch (Mauritius) offers Telemetry fuel management and also other several methods.

Fuel Flow Meters DFМ for Fuel Monitoring System

DFM fuel flow meter is designed for fuel consumption to measure fuel line of diesel vehicle directly which can be used individually as well as a part of fuel monitoring system.

It allows to monitor :

  • Consumption of in different engine workloads : idle mode, optimal mode also overload
  • Engine operation time in idle mode, optimal mode and overload
  • Fuel line condition

Fuel flow meters DFМ Features :

  • Mud protection by in-built filter
  • Each DFM is verified at production
  • Full set of mounting accessories available
  • Protection against magnet interference and tampering with compressed air
  • Long-term period of autonomous work
  • Meets EU automotive standards

Fuel consumption control : How to save with a new calculation algorithm

GPS Mauritius Fuel Monitoring System

So Startouch proves that the best is not the enemy of the good. Therefore, since half a year ago we updated the proprietary fuel consumption calculation algorithm to offer Wialon users a more flexible, exact, and efficient solution.

Our partners live with new opportunities, that is, how they deliver never yet seen projects and how they are doing great without FLS (Fuel level sensor) just relying on simple Math and their own mind flexibility.

Wialon fuel control module

Our module allows to:

  • Identify fuel consumption via the data from CAN-bus and different types of FLS and counters as well
  • View the history of fuel level changes in the tank for a certain period in the form of charts and tables
  • Get reports on all fillings and robberies in the form of a table that mention the date, time, location, initial/final fuel levels and along with filling/theft volume
  • Also analyze actual fuel consumption. In addition, correlate it with the rates as it gives a good chance to estimate how much fuel was saved or overspent by one vehicle or the whole motor park
  • Get notifications on thefts and fillings rapidly via e-mail, SMS, in a browser or a pop-up window

Wialon usage helps to save up to 15% of fuel and to reduce thefts by 90%.

Also the system introduction pays off in 3-4 months. Besides, such monitoring has proven to discipline drivers as well as to effectively plan the motor park work.

Startouch own calculation algorithm to get full analytics and to monitor fuel level in real time. As such, it makes Wialon a head higher than similar programs.

GPS Mauritius Fuel Monitoring System

15+ years of experiences in GPS telematics hardware development

100% in-house R&D and device functional test before shipment

100+ deployed countries

1,500+ customization services offered

Fuel flow meter – not just fuel consumption

Monitoring real fuel consumption and engine operation

GPS Mauritius Fuel Monitoring System

Preventing fuel theft and misuse

Engine diagnostics per fuel consumption rate

Predictive maintenance curve

Fuel flow meter – not just fuel consumption

  • Enter a new promising market segment and take a sweetest piece of pie: live status tracking and predictive maintenance of diesel engines is relatively new solution
  • Increase income from Startouch Wialon subscriptions by providing current customers with additional service too
  • Stand out from a row of competitors on a local market and get additional income by attracting new customers
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