Ultimate GPS Tracking Solutions and IoT in Mauritius

GPS Fleet Management Solutions

GPS Fleet Management Solutions Mauritius

Startouch (Mauritius) offers GPS Fleet Management Solutions based on your budget and needs. You can easily pinpoint where your trucks, vans and cars are at any given moment.


Startouch (Mauritius) - The Solution for Maintenance Control

Our GPS Fleet tracking solutions allow monitoring of vehicles and provide detailed deep understanding on fuel usage. This also provide detailed insights on driver behavior, engine idling and all in real-time as well.


The system uses resources effectively from data obtained as well as identifying any key money saving area.

As a fleet manager, whether a private user or business owner, you can get the many benefits of GPS fleet tracking solutions. Therefore, running a transportation company is not easy. Yet, you have a lot on your plate to keep track of, from spending on gas to planning of routes to insurance costs.

In short, Startouch GPS Fleet Management Solution will help you monitor all hidden activities. For example, it will track fleet, movable or fixed machinery, also remote tank gauging as well as meter reading among others.

GPS technology is an endless source for innovation. GPS technology transforms the many ways businesses are modernizing. In the process, GPS also helps businesses to save on costs and become more efficient and improve their services in many ways. This is particularly evident on its impact on the logistics businesses and in fleet management. In fact, GPS technology is a basic part of infrastructure in transportation and communications. This is because it includes the very foundations of what makes the digital economy work. As businesses become digitalized, they will start to process geo location data. Hence, we shall see an ever increasing use of GPS technology in the future.

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