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Startouch Maps

We, implemented a proprietary GIS service and we offered excellent address database as well. Hence, we aimed to access more search of route points and further route building. Through this way, we incorporated the functions into Startouch Maps application. A Geographic Information System ( GIS ) is an information system […]

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Backup Viewer

Secure backup files from becoming “dead” due to limited storage period in the system with a backup viewer. The app also allows you to picture the latter on the map as well as to review message data upon pointing on a track. Enjoy minimalistic and user-friendly interface, ample filtering opportunities […]

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Startouch Sensolator is an application which allows you to monitor values of counters and sensors from stationary and moving units. Moreover, through the application, it is possible to get notifications on equipment operation failures. This happens if received values differ from the ones indicated in values range. Wialon allows to […]

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Startouch Chatterbox is a suitable and simple chat, allowing dispatchers to communicate with drivers and send various commands to the unit. When it comes to delivery and logistics, we should not underestimate communication between the office and the field. Startouch Chatterbox is designed to make mobile employees closer to the office by […]

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