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GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Startouch (Mauritius) offers GPS Fleet Management Solutions based on your budget and needs. You can easily pinpoint where your trucks, vans and cars are at any given moment.

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Fleetrun by Startouch, allows fleet planning, controlling as well as managing costs for maintenance. Hence, it was developed for those eager to cut business expenses along with general expenses. Else, the app is also used to avoid critical breakdowns and minimize time spent at service stations. As a result, fleetrun […]

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The Solution for Maintenance Control : Fleetrun

Fleetrun, the solution for maintenance control, the new solution that helps to plan and control the maintenance process and expenditure recording. Normally, Fleetrun is available for those who want to reduce fleet operation costs. Besides, it also reduces the time spent at the service station as well as avoiding critical breakdowns.

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Tacho View

Get the insight into driver performance with Tacho View by Startouch. Tacho View app’s task, in Wialon System, is to perform the handling of DDD-files. Thus, the app allows driver activity visualization on the basis of so-called “timeline.” Also, Tacho View demonstrates driving, work as well as rest.  Well, it […]

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