Ultimate GPS Tracking Solutions and IoT in Mauritius

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How to choose a good GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Service Provider in Mauritius ?

Do you need a GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Service Provider in Mauritius ? We encourage you to find a vendor in Mauritius that lets you contact a representative anytime you need help. GPS FLEET TRACKING is the use of a vehicle tracking device and software to control and manage […]

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Ultimate GPS Tracking and IOT Solutions in Mauritius

GPS Tracking system is used to observe persons, objects or moving vehicles. Furthermore, it is also designed to collect vehicle location data to visualize it on map. Startouch also offers IOT (Internet of Things) solutions which is a network of devices, vehicles as well as home appliances that contain electronics, […]

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Track Anything Anywhere

Track Anything Anywhere ! Invest in Startouch GPS tracking solutions which will allow you to choose the best and shortest routes for your vehicles. Thus, this will help you reduce fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime costs. Hence, Startouch became the only service provider on the market that offers a real […]

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Speed Limiter Solutions in Mauritius

Looking for Speed Limiter Solutions in Mauritius ? More than 4500 vehicles use Startouch’s speed limiters according to the Mauritius Road Traffic Act. The National Transport Authority of Mauritius authorizes Startouch to supply Speed Limiter Solutions all around the island. Startouch Speed Limiter prevents big rigs from traveling above a […]

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