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Messages Manager

Messages Manager is designed to request data messages, SMS, commands, and events. We can also use it to manage multiple messages sent to and from a vehicle. Using the app you can manually check an event registered in the system or control command execution. When it comes to a point […]

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Universal Transport

https://youtu.be/pId-pwPyPEATheft case at Universal Transport Mr. Georges, an employee at Universal Transport and a 56 year old man, was victim of a vehicle theft a few years ago. He is employed as a driver at the company which is located in Mauritius. One morning, Mr. George’s wife discovered that the […]

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Disketta by Wialon «Disketta» is an easy-to-use tool for working with Wialon file server. It is an app that will help you to upload files and folders as fast as possible. And so, you will be able to download and delete them in your units, unit groups, users and resources. Therefore, […]

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Simple by Startouch

“Simple” is available for you to create your own applications by means of an easy and handy app from Startouch. So, use this project to develop your own Wialon App. This is WEB application based on Apps from Gurtam. Gurtam is an international developer of Wialon, the GPS tracking and […]

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