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Real-time Analytics. Understand how users communicate with your website at this time.

Real-time Analytics. Understand how users communicate with your website at this time.

Get feedback that is instant where goes the interest of one’s users, to help you do something straight away and boost your retention.

Capacity to the Doers

The info you may need,

Just forget about mystifying reports. Stop looking forward to important computer data analyst. You do not also need a tab that is separate screen.

Get simply the data you will need, directly on your articles.

Smart Tech

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Some think temperature maps are just advantageous to usability studies with restricted range and schedule .

Our heatmap technology is different, supports powerful elements (menus, forms, sliders), is robust to alterations in design (ads, responsive design, etc.), and is sold with no sampling.

Utilized by major brands

“ It’s just such a fabulous device

It is simply this type of tool that is fabulous. I will be torn between attempting to tell everybody else with a web page about heatmap and planning to ensure that it it is a key just for us! — Siobhan Freegard, CEO and founder,

“ Our product managers and editors make use of it each and every day

heatmap is one of our many important tools, to monitor the consumer behavior and, according to that, optimize the consumer experience on our web web web sites. Our product supervisors and editors are utilising it each day. — Marc Schmitz, Handling Director Overseas,

“ heatmap is actually a great and important device

Our company is making use of heatmap for sketchappsources.com. The installation takes 1 moment, it is extremely simple. Now, we are able to observe how our users navigate in genuine some time we could effortlessly test a new design or a fresh function so we have the ability to look at real-time impact. heatmap is truly a fantastic and important device for any site. — Thierry Teyssier, creator,

“ You don’t need significantly more than a glance to look at outcomes

We utilize heatmap for the web sites www.fusacq.com and www.placedescommerces.com and now we are far more than happy along with it! The installation while the usage have become effortless, and also you don’t require significantly more than a look to understand results that are powerful. Our principal interest would be to discover how our users were navigating and today we could see their real-time behavior. Thanks heatmap because of this amazing tool! — Damien Noлl, CEO and creator,

“ A better consumer experience for the users

heatmap has helped to teach the united group what exactly is and it isn’t working with your text, place and pictures opted for when it comes to web web page. Through refining the pages heatmap that is using seeing exit prices fall and an improved consumer experience for the people — Cathy Ranson, Editor-in-Chief,

My very first action within the early morning? Turning on heatmap. We can’t do without one! — Claire Sassonia, Editor-in-Chief,

“ Relevant and trustworthy data without bias

heatmap provides appropriate and trustworthy data without having the typical bias of panel or focus groups that depend on qualitative analysis of declarative and sampled information. — Anne-Laure Brochard-Mйrillon, Head of Digital,

No gimmicks, just the most readily useful features to optimize your articles

Whom cares by what took place yesterday whenever you cannot change it out? Many online contents are short-lived and just real-time analytics permit you to work directly on time.

The heatmaps can be found in moments in your display screen, as they are constantly updated: you should not reload your web web page! Edit your articles, alter a picture, then begin to see the effects of the change instantly.

Many analytics tools are overwhelming they have, and argue it’s “Big Data” because they show everything. You’ll need analysts to dig the info up and so they often cannot obtain it due to sampling.

heatmap is sold with no sampling, and stops working its Big Data to just give you the information which make feeling for you, to trace in realtime the performance of one’s site.

With its “augmented reality” approach, heatmap’s sidebar brings information close to your pages, most abundant in crucial information to help keep you dedicated to what’s taking place on the site.

Plus, the software is 100% interactive and lets you browse your website also as soon as the heatmap overlay is exhibited, to help you investigate further or “replay” the navigation of the users.

Installing heatmap takes one minute: simply add our simple JavaScript tag, and you’re set to get!

Our label is quite little ( Privacy for the users


heatmap just gathers the information required for you to definitely enhance your content strategy. absolutely Nothing more.

No key-logging. No cookie sniffing. Also internet protocol address details aren’t logged. What this means is we genuinely have absolutely nothing to offer to 3rd events.

Most of the collected information is anonymous, which protects your users plus your data that are own.


Saw a thing that doesn’t appear to work?File a bug contact or ticket our help (in the event the plan includes it).

You are able to purchase missions that are consulting train your users, assist your developers tweak the tracking setup, etc.

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