Ultimate GPS Tracking Solutions and IoT in Mauritius

Ultimate GPS Tracking and IOT Solutions in Mauritius

Startouch - GPS Tracking Solutions in Mauritius

Have an oversight on all your vehicles movement

GPS Tracking system is used to observe persons, objects or moving vehicles. Furthermore, it is also designed to collect vehicle location data to visualize it on map. Startouch also offers IOT (Internet of Things) solutions which is a network of devices, vehicles as well as home appliances that contain electronics, software, actuators, and connectivity allowing these devices to connect, interact and also exchange data.

However, tracking device usage is very simple and convenient as all records are available in real time. Also data is saved to database and is obtained at any time in the future. Yet, Trackers send various information, such as coordinates, speed as well as altitude and others.

GPS tracking system consists of two main parts :

  1. Vehicles equipped with the tracking devices
  2. Fleet management software that reduces the resources required for daily fleet operation and increases productivity as well


You name it, we track it!

Vehicles Tracking

For Fleet Management and help Cut Costs as well as increasing in productivity together with fuel monitoring, anti theft and much more


Personal Tracking

Child Monitoring, Old People care, Alzheimer patients, Security Guards, also Lonely workers and much more



Businesses all over the world strive for process automation. For those awaiting Startouch came up with Logistics.


Asset Tracking

Containers, Cash in Transit, Generator, Compressor, Air Conditioner and much more


Public transport

Detailed description of routes and stops, identify the ones of opposite directions


Telemetry sensors

Wialon allows to add any number of sensors to track various aspects of unit activity. Whenever the number of sensors amounts to a dozen, data visualization really matters

GPS vehicle trackers are helpful tools for monitoring either a single car or an entire fleet of vehicles.

A real-time car tracking device gives current speed and location updates. This technology is the foundation of successful fleet management.

It is an accurate, effective way for fleet owners and managers to monitor their vehicles and support fleet drivers.
Any company’s profit, income, customers, fleet employees and vehicles can all benefit from GPS tracking software in order to reduced costs, improved delivery times, driver accountability and also maintenance alerts.

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