Ultimate GPS Tracking Solutions and IoT in Mauritius


Speed Camera Detection

Speed camera (Radar) as well as laser-speed guns identifies distance and speed. It spots cars driving over the speed-limit. Startouch speed camera detection makes it easy to avoid speed traps that traditional radar detectors may miss. Radio wave moves at the speed of light. When it meets an object in its […]

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ReadyMix App

With ReadyMix App, eliminate once and for all any concrete theft with real time tracking of the production and delivery. Also, find out in an easy and fast way where your customers are through heat map. Thus, it enables you to see the details of all your deliveries.

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The Solution for Maintenance Control : Fleetrun

Fleetrun, the solution for maintenance control, the new solution that helps to plan and control the maintenance process and expenditure recording. Normally, Fleetrun is available for those who want to reduce fleet operation costs. Besides, it also reduces the time spent at the service station as well as avoiding critical breakdowns.

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