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Speed Camera Detection

Startouch - Speed Camera Detection (Mauritius)

Speed camera (Radar) as well as laser-speed guns identifies distance and speed. It spots cars driving over the speed-limit. Startouch speed camera detection makes it easy to avoid speed traps that traditional radar detectors may miss.

Radio wave moves at the speed of light. When it meets an object in its path, it recoils back to the device (speed camera radar). The radar device can figure out the distance covered. This is based on the time that it takes for the radio wave to hit the designated object and to bounce back.

Prevent fines and save money. Thus, Startouch Speed Camera Detector scan the areas around you for signals emitted by the various types of camera.

Speed Camera Detection – Radar Detector speeding tickets

It is also one of the more developing items of today’s hi-tech world and is of excellent use in saving money whether on parking tickets or the insurance amounts you have to pay.

Radar and Laser detectors

Drivers are warned when they are approaching ‘LIVE’ in-use radar and laser based speed cameras – mostly in mobile speed camera locations. Laser is the favored method as the operating range is far greater, generally up 1 mile away, rather than that of radar which runs over a distance – mostly 200-300 yards.

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