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Looking for Speed Limiter Solutions in Mauritius ?

More than 4500 vehicles use Startouch's speed limiters according to the Mauritius Road Traffic Act. The National Transport Authority of Mauritius authorizes Startouch to supply Speed Limiter Solutions all around the island.

Startouch Speed Limiter prevents big rigs from traveling above a certain speed. Hence, they also reduce all the speeding that leads to truck wrecks. Many stand by this idea, agreeing that speed limiters do reduce the incidence of accidents.

What Does Startouch Speed Limiter Do ?

These devices set the speed limit for heavy trucks on a variety of roads. This restricts the speed at which the drivers can travel. Truck wreck attorneys explain that safety officials say they reduce truck wrecks due to speeding. Speeding is a common contributor to many semi accidents.

Safety Benefits of Speed Limiters in Commercial Motor Vehicles Using Carrier-Collected Crash Data

A recent study shows the importance of Speed Limiters in Commercial Truck Fleets. The safety analysis shows that an active Speed Limiter on truck can avoid or reduce truck crashes.

The study contains data from 20 commercial truck fleets, including about 138,000 truck-years and more than 15,000 truck crashes, as they run under real-world, revenue-producing deliveries.

In short, the hypothesis shows strong positive benefits for Speed Limiters. That is, the trucks without Speed Limiters had a significantly higher Speed Limiter-relevant crash rate (approximately 200%) as in comparison to trucks with Speed Limiters. The cost of the technology is also affordable for commercial truck fleets/owners.

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