Ultimate GPS Tracking Solutions and IoT in Mauritius

Track Anything Anywhere

Track Anything Anywhere

Track Anything Anywhere ! Invest in Startouch GPS tracking solutions which will allow you to choose the best and shortest routes for your vehicles. Thus, this will help you reduce fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime costs.

Hence, Startouch became the only service provider on the market that offers a real and honest tailor made GPS Tracking Platform to its Customers in Mauritius as well as other African Countries.

You name it we monitor it, track anything and anywhere !

Startouch virtually tracks, whatever object-any valuable asset, that moves with a range of GPS tracking devices. Therefore, your vehicle, pet or child can be identified within a couple of metres anywhere in the world. Businesses throughout the Country, favours our live fleet trackers to keep track of companies’ vehicles. Startouch has also made GPS tracker available in Mauritian houses.

We track anything

  • Every minute our server center receives about a million data packets from the tracking devices deployed worldwide
  • Personal Tracking, Child Monitoring, Old People care, Alzheimer patients, Security Guards, as well as Lonely workers and much more
  • Asset Tracking Containers, Cash in Transit, Generator, Compressor, Air Conditioner and much more
  • Smart route planning, with the help of GPS tracking data, will reduce unproductive work and eliminate unnecessary fuel expenses as well
Track Anything Anywhere
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