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Startouch (Mauritius) 

Startouch is our trade name in the GPS tracking system market in Mauritius since 1998.

Only after 4 years of up hill battle, Millennium Power Computers Ltd was eventually incorporated in August 2002.
The company helps the locality as well as promoting IT products since 2002. However, the idea is not only to help businesses to limit wastage but also to cut down on costs. Besides, the company helps to increase productivity and profits by optimizing fleet operations as well. And since then, Startouch started its break through, in Mauritius, on a national level.

Millennium Power Computers grew in popularity throughout Mauritius via Radio TopFM campaigns. And later, it became popular on Radio Plus, MBC, newspapers, online and almost everywhere in the media.

Also, informal surveys in 2008 has shown that the company was the most competitive one on the market during that time.

Since then, that commitment to quality is deeply embedded today in our service and culture as well.

Thus, at Startouch, we will always strive to provide you with the best service and most reliable products.

Startouch (Mauritius) Timeline

January 1


Started as sole trader
January 2


Millenium Power Computers incorporated in August.
January 3


Most Successful young Entrepreneur by Shell LiveWire
January 4


Started massive marketing campaign around Mauritius via TV, Radio, road shows as well press.
January 4


Started diversification to automobile, rebranding and trading the name of Startouch. It became our new trade name since 2009. Since then, it was a debut of a new era for the Company.
January 4

Speed Limiters

Authorized by National Transport Authority to Supply Speed Limiter in Mauritius.
January 3

60 % Market Share

Installed more than 3500 vehicles with speed limiter as per road traffic act.
January 1

Launch Wialon

Joined Gurtam, the world’s largest platform provider as sole distributor which sells Wialon.
January 3

Capture Corporates

Highly winning the GPS Tracking market from our competitors.
January 1

Waiting for you

Our Supplier

Gurtam Wialon Mauritius

Gurtam has more than 14 years of best practice in software engineering in the area of GPS tracking. As such, we also have a team of talented specialists, committed to the common goal as well.

The continuous progress of the owned product and the five offices around the world unite the community. And so, we have our headquarters and development center in Minsk. On the other hand, our sales offices are in Moscow, Dubai and also in Buenos Aires.

Nowadays solutions by Gurtam occupy about 30% of the CIS commercial carrier market. They are actively expanding to Europe, the Middle East, the USA, South America, Africa and Australia and even New Zealand.

In short, we create effective tools and we do it well. Therefore, hundreds of companies worldwide use our system. And so, our clients ( pizza delivery, taxi services, oil companies and even secret services ) also benefit from Wialon system. Gurtam products may not change the world, but they will surely change your business.

Startouch Mauritius
Startouch Mauritius
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